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I'm an Operations and Client Services professional with a background in leadership, social media, and technology.

With my deep-rooted love for organization and process, I help entrepreneurs and business owners grow the operations and project management side of their business - aka the backbone of the company - that Founders and CEOs don't have time to focus on.

I believe in building honest relationships and delivering outstanding client service. I'm enthusiastic, outgoing, and definitely have the gift of gab.

After completing my undergraduate degree in English Literature with a minor in Law and Justice, cum laude, from Algoma University, I packed up my life from my hometown of Sault Ste. Marie to relocate to Toronto. It's from there that my professional experience led me to operations, client relations, project management, social media management, and sales.

Having worked virtually over the last 3 years with a 100% remote team, I am well-versed in technology and collaboration platforms.

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My Story

With a letter for a name, a commonly asked question in my life is "What does Tee stand for?"

The answer? Nothing! Other than my parents wanted something unique.

The Letter Tee was created 26 years later stemming from my passion for helping people and my love for organization. The uniqueness of my name coincides with the uniqueness of the quality of service I provide my clients.

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